Saturday, July 18, 2020

The TYPIK Senestre

From UNAM -
Courtesy of UNAM
Yes, Besançon is the home of French watchmaking. And yes, when we think of watchmaking we tend to think of mechanical (hand winding) or self-winding (automatic) movements at a minimum. And I guess that is somewhat understandable. But that is, frankly, a bit short-sighted. Because there are some truly fun (and accurate), and perhaps most important? Affordable quartz watches out there, and if you ever find yourself in Besançon, I urge you to make your way to Philippe Lebru's UTINAM boutique where you can avail yourself of the UNAM collection.

The one pictured here is the TYPIK Senestre.
Courtesy of UNAM
You will notice that the dial seems backwards, and that is not a mistake on your part, or the designers at UNAM. It is a counter-watch, in other words, it literally runs backwards.

Now in truth, this is maybe not going to be everyone's jam, but I am a bit contrary, and I dig it!
Courtesy of UNAM

And the price? Very agreeable at 215,00 €
It is also available with a black dial -
Courtesy of UNAM
The case is of stainless steel and measures 35 mm in diameter, powered by a Ronda quartz movement. Straps can be had in several different colors. 

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